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When it comes to babies and children we plan so much for them. Right from when the child is born, parents nurture dreams about sending him to a very sophisticated and elite school. This is done with the intention of providing him with the best behavioral etiquettes, helping him to become an emotionally and culturally sound human being. The job of the parents as educators begin the day the baby arrives into the world.

Parents might think that a newborn baby would not learn too much because he or she is too young. On the contrary the brain of the newborn is still developing and does so till the age of 5. So, the newborn can be observant and you never know what the brain might pick up. So as a parent you have to be aware about what you say, what you do, how you behave and what kind of an impression you leave behind from the day your little bundle of joy comes into this world.

The first two years, the child spends time mostly at home. The atmosphere in the house can be made educative and informative for the child so that he or she picks up as much information as possible which would only go to benefit him or her. The parents should continuously talk to the child and communicate with him irrespective of the fact whether the child understands them or not. The brain of the child is like a sponge and it will take in how much ever you information you feed it.

When the child approaches two, the search for a good pre-school begins. In this age of aggressive competition parents want their child to be a genius right from his pre-school days. There are many informative websites found on the internet which provide very valuable information about the basic education for the child. This information will have qualities to look out for when narrowing down on pre-schools or Montessori homes for your child. A visit to the pre-school is an absolute must and interacting with the teachers; even observing them handle the kids for a day is required.

After your child graduates from pre-school you look for a primary school for his founding education. Many schools today do not have any pre-conceived notions about what the child should know when he reaches the age of gaining admission into any primary school. This is a very good thing as some children might have picked up much more than others during their pre-school years. There should not be any kind of bias against any child for not learning as much as the next as each child has his own learning and grasping power. A good and sound primary education is the foundation for the childís middle school and finally high school education.

By the time the child if five, he is mostly finished his primary education and hence a lot of care should be given to choosing an experienced and reputed primary school for the childís education. The way the teachers handle the child in this stage of his life will determine how he perceives most people to be and what he learns about human behavior. There are many websites which provide useful information on the education for children and what things might interest them in their various growing years. Parents can read up on this information and try to use these matters of interest to teach their child something new every day.

With such qualitative and well sourced out information provided at the click of a mouse button, being the childís first and foremost tutor will come naturally to any parent and guide them to choose the best schools for their formal education.

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